PM Star Trek Deep Space Nine Figure Jem'Hadar Soldier warp facto


* JemíHadr Engineering Console Ė Diagnostic and Monitor Interface

The JemíHadar are a warrior caste genetically bred by the Founders, the shapeshifters that control the Dominion. Under the immediate command of a race known as the Vorta, the JemíHadar enforce the Foundersí will, gladly sacrificing their lives in battle. Starfleet first encountered JemíHadar soldiers in 2370, when Commander Benjamin Sisko of Deep Space Nine was briefly captured in the Gamma Quadrant by a JemíHadar platoon. During subsequent contacts it was determined that the JemíHadar lack an isogenic enzyme called ketracel white, which the Vorta use to keep the soldiers in line. Without the white, the soldiers eventually die. JemíHadar soldiers have total contempt for other humanoid life forms. They view Humans as weak. Some would like to fight a Klingon, the only other warrior race they come close to respecting.

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